First Day Information

Welcome to your First Day of School

Welcome to Little Village Preschool. We’re happy that you have chosen to place your child in our care. We look forward to a warm relationship with you and your child. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the school.

The following is a list of items that your child needs to bring on his/her first day of school:

- a complete change of clothes (Underwear, socks, pants and shirt)
- three pictures of your child

And if applicable:

- lunch
- a blanket for nap & a crib-size sheet
- a special sleep item, if necessary (teddy bear, pacifier, bottle...)
- a pillowcase to hold all nap items
- diapers

During wet weather:

- raincoat with hood
- rain boots

Please mark your child’s name on ALL belongings that are brought to school.

Also, please do not send money, candy, sugary drinks or soda, or toys of a violent nature to school.

Your child may bring a “share” item on his/her share day. There is a list on the sharing box with your child’s sharing day. Thanks for your cooperation!!

Thank you,

Tami Humphrey
Little Village Preschool, Director