Recovery 2 Due by 12/14

Below you will find the two projects that you can do to replace a total of 10 zeros before the end of the semester. These projects are available to you on 12/4/2009. You will have until 12/14/2009 to turn them in. They must be turned in by the end of the day on 12/14/2009. These projects can not be emailed as the previous recovery assignment. Each project is worth 5 (70's) you can choose to do one or both. You will be given an opportunity to go to the library during class time but you have to sign up in order to go and it is only for 25mins at a time. The media center only allows for 3 students to go at a time.The schedule will be posted on the door in the class for each day up until the due day. Please don't rely on class time to complete these projects. You will need to work on them on your own time. Excuses about lack of internet or resources will not be accepted. This is not a mandatory assignment. I am available Wednesday and Thursday for tutoring or if you need assistance.
Good Luck contact me with any questions.