Below you will find the link to the videos that we have viewed in class. Most of them will play through Youtube other through windows media player. As for the questions that you need to answer, go to the attachments to get the video quzzies that go with the videos.
Aug 24, 2009- Sports Science Video:
Sept 3, 2009 - Units of Measurement :

Sept 28,2009 GPB Classroom 301 - A study of matter  use the ep 301 with this video.

October 12,2009 GPB Classroom 403  - get the notetaking 403 in the attachments to use with this video:
Students use the following Assignment Code:T511C-72CB .Your students will need to go to this URL and input the code into the Code input box.
October 19, 2009 GPB Classroom 201- matter - Intro to matter, elements, compounds and mixtures. Print the note taking guide 201 before viewing and fill in the blanks.Provide students with the following Assignment URL:

November 4, 2009 Mythbusters- Buoyancy- you need to print the video sheet or get one from class before you watch this video. The document is located in the attachments below. Assignment URL:
November 12, 2009 Gas Laws Videos- You will need to get the gas law note taking sheet below before watching this video.Provide students with the following Assignment URL:

November 30, 2009  Nuclear Science-
This video will explain the concepts of Ch18. You will understand radioactivity and half-life. You will need to complete the note taking sheet that is provide below as you watch this video. This information will be on the test.